Recreational Baseball


For 2020, the LSA (Lincolnshire Sports Association) House Baseball/Softball Programs will partner with VHCBS (Vernon Hills Community Baseball and Softball Organization) for the 2020 Spring Double A through Majors Baseball leagues as well as Girls’ Softball leagues.

Blastball and TBall Leagues will continue to be run by the LSA, with all practices/games being played in Lincolnshire at Spring Lake Park.

Blastball, Tball, Double A and Triple A Registration for Lincolnshire residents will take place on the LSA website. Minors and Majors Registration will take place on the VHCBS website. LSA Registration will open on January 19th.

For Blastball and TBall, the season will run from mid April to mid June. For Double A and Triple A, the season will run from early April through early July.

Double A and Triple A games will be held at Vernon Hills locations while practices will be held at North Park. Minors and Majors games and practices will be held at Vernon Hills locations.

Any late registrants for Double A or Triple A will be subject to a $25 late fee after 3/15/20.

Kids will need to provide their own glove, bat and helmet. All other equipment will be provided. Helmets and bats will be provided for Blastball and T-Ball.

LSA Rec baseball relies on parent volunteers to serve as Coaches. Please consider volunteering your time. Lincolnshire parents will be able to participate as coaches at the level where their player is registered.

Minors (5th-6th grade) / Majors (7th-8th grade) Leagues
Please reference the VHCBS site for details and to register.

Girls Softball
Please reference the VHCBS site for details and to register.

Contact Us

Any questions please contact Mark Cobb at


LSA Rules for T-Ball/Blastball (Kindergarten and Pre-K)

Baseball Bat Rules

There is a new safety standard that is being adopted by most baseball leagues. It involves lower compression bats that theoretically produce a lower spring effect when they make contact with the baseball. LSA will be adopting this new bat standard over the next 2 season. All bats that LSA purchases starting this season will meet this new safety standard known as BPF 1.15. We will not require that personal bats meet this standard for the 2013 season, but beginning in 2014, all bats used (whether LSA-supplied or personal) will be required to meet this standard and be marked accordingly. The bat will need to be marked with the BPF 1.15 logo which looks like:


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